Tuesday, November 08, 2016


We often meet people who are upbeat and fun, but we may not know anything about their past and the tough roads they may have traveled.  Courtney is one such individual and her attitude belies her history and personal transformation.

This is her story:

From the ages of 14 to 17 I lived on the street, a product of children’s aid.  Badly addicted to hard drugs, I didn't have a very bright future ahead of me; anyone could see that.  Back then I didn’t even have a garbage bag worth of belongings … then I got pregnant. 

My son became my inspiration, the catalyst I needed to change. I went to AA and stayed with my parents as I went through rehab a few times before I gained better control.

Gathering my courage I went back to school and became a law clerk.   

The Courage, Strength and Hope tattoo represents what it took for me to get clean, and stay clean. It was time to build a home, a life and a future for my baby.

I added the butterfly after a year of “clean”.  

 It is a symbol of my transformation, my metamorphosis.  Butterflies start out as ugly caterpillars and end up changing in to thing of beauty.  

Back then I felt I was like butterfly – transformed and ready to fly …  now I am older and  realize I have still not really full evolved.  I want to keep growing, always pursuing self‑help books and seminars. 

Personal growth is not always easy, but it is always possible.