Sunday, December 22, 2013

Getting Involved

This is a multi-year project and I'm open to more participants.
The final product will include guys, gals, young and old.

If you have one or more tattoos with a special story behind them and you want to share this with the world, let me know. Perhaps it is a personal milestone like beating cancer, remembering someone dear and you want to let everyone know how special they were and why, in some cases it is to commemorate a special event or turning point in your life...

What I'm looking for is a very special tattoo from either an artistic merit perceptive or tattoos with a unique story behind them. An introductory video to the project can be found here (opens in a new tab)

If you might be interested in participating, I'd need a quick summary of the "story" and a way to see the tattoo(s) involved; (a clear cell phone pic or link to exiting online images is fine). If accepted, I'd provide a free photo-shoot. The shoot is 2-3 hours you get about 50 med-resolution proofs to keep and use plus your choice of 3 high-res unsigned digital images which you can use for an unlimited number of quality enlargements.

While we'll shoot the tattoo(s) of course,
I'll also include some general portrait images for your personal or professional use. In exchange for the free photo-shoot, I am seeking an interview on the tattoo stories and the right to publish the images and underlying story in the blog and perhaps a future book.

You can keep the initial story short as the details come later if accepted into the project.