Monday, August 01, 2016

Religious Devotion

Some tattoos are about transformation, personal milestones, or memorials. This one is about inspiration and deeply held beliefs.

Chris literally wears his heart on his sleeve and his heart belongs to god.
A devoutly religious man, Chris had a sleeve designed to signify his deeply held convictions.  

His entire sleeve is a reminder God’s love and our struggles though life. At the top is a dove with olive that symbolizes peace. The dove is important because the devil and temptation comes in many forms. The devil is tricky and can impersonate any animal, except a dove; so the dove and his religious helps keep Chris safe.

The stone cross and rose ties were designed by Chris.  They convey the love of Jesus and the dove is landing on cross, a reminder to avoid temptation.

Then tip of Mount Everest is the backdrop for cross and dove. The journey through life is like climbing a mountain. There are many obstacles to overcome as you climb but when you reach top, you are with god.  

Other details are a link to his dad who was into Tia Chi and martial arts. Chris, born in year of the tiger relates to the personality and published significance of the tiger.  

Finally he has a reference to Psalm 27 (The Lord is my light …). This vital passage was of special significance to Chris during time of family turmoil.  It says you need the strength to meet challenges. The tattoo also includes elements that symbolize love and has clouds to complete the mountain and dove.  

Together they deliver a powerful message of love and dedication, as well as a constant reminder of life’s challenges.