Sunday, January 03, 2016

The Call of the Siren

Melanie wanted a unique piece to mark a special period in her life. 
Today her back pays tribute to that special time.  

She writes:

Before having my children I was an exotic dancer.    I was looking for special tattoo that properly represented this part of my life, the time I was a stripper.

I am also a person who loves mythical characters like fairies, elves and mermaids. It was then that I realized the mermaid, more specifically a siren and dancer are similar. 

The dancer with her charm and dance, beckons and captivates a man just as siren calls to the sailor by the beauty of her singing.  Each lures the male towards a fantasy she offers him.

So I found tattoo artist in Lake St-Jean who drew me as mermaid. Because the siren represents for me the beauty, femininity and sensuality of women and ... it represents that special spell a man feels when he is drawn to a woman.

It is a part of my life, and while I’ve moved on, I have no regrets. I met the father of my children while I was a dancer. With his support and the love of my kids we have come a long way and overcome many hardships together.