Sunday, March 30, 2014


TinkerBell Tattoo with the work BELIEVE Some tattoos may seem so simple in their design but their meanings can be much deeper than one might first imagine. 

When asked Beca is likely to reply: "I've always loved Tinker Bell and wanted this tattoo since I was 5.  

Based on that simple reply, one might expect a charmed childhood and youthful innocence.

But like so many others, Becca was often picked-on and bullied in school. Her self esteem was eroded. This lead to other complications and even self abuse. With the help of family and friends she has regained much of that confidence but Tinker Bell is still a very special and personal reminder that everyday takes courage and the message of "believe" now translates to: 

Believe in yourself, 
Believe in your potential,
Believe,  you  will  succeed.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Health Care Angel

Anyone who’s met Andrea knows the profoundness of her caring and compassion.

Here is a lady who’s dedicated her life to the care of others. She’s already been to Africa several times to provide nursing, do development work, help with women’s empowerment and provide aid with maternal/child health. When at home , she works on a medical/surgery floor as well as provides palliative home care.

She says:
The tattoo on my ribs is a pin up nurse. 

I designed her myself and she's to commemorate my passion for nursing.

I’ve wanted her a long time and went through several designs over a 2 year period.  I finally settled on one that was inspired by registered nurse in Uganda with the blue & red cape and black belt. It has a pin-up edge because I wanted her to be different like me. I always got ribbed in school for my piercings, looks, and the clothes I picked. Personally, I think how someone feels and acts is much more important than their outward appearance. 

My tattoo nurse is sexy, but she's also listening to my heartbeat with her stethoscope, (doing her job) which kind of represents my view:
Looks should not affect your job or professionalism.  

Post Script...

Andrea and I also wanted to dedicate this special piece to the nurses everywhere who work so hard at making some of our most challenging situations more bearable. 

We tend to encounter nurses when we or a loved one is ill or dying. Our own patience is often low and we are in need of attention. 

Our nurses, typically overworked, find the time to listen, and words to comfort. Their special care makes our world more a little more bearable. 

Thank You for all you do

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