Monday, November 23, 2015

The Heart Must Go On

Emily has several tattoos. She is a romantic and a lady of fortitude. When you meet her, an inner strength is immediately conveyed. We also saw in "Death before Dishonour" her deep sense of loyalty. What is not obvious is a life of challenges and hardships. 

She states “I have many tattoos. They all have meaning and are very important to me.  I have no childhood pictures, and I own very little so that are all I really have. Each of my tattoos is for a very special purpose."

Here are two more examples:

Heart on my sleeve – This one was after a miscarriage. The event was especially traumatic since it was brought on by a severe beating. 

This was perhaps the lowest point in my life. I has hurting and felt alone.

I wanted to do some of the tattoo myself and I did.  It felt good to inflict pain… "sometimes you need to feel physical pain just to know are still alive".  

The heart will be broken, but broken lives on

I had these words tattooed on my arm the day after mom died. It is perhaps my most impulsive tattoo. The words are a Lord Byron quote. 

Mother's hold a special place in our hearts. Losing one's mother amplifies our personal mortality. 

It is also however a milestone many face. To cope is hard but as you ponder the event and memories it is when we realize that this is the time to look forward, live on and be the person our mothers would be proud of. 

Losing a child, losing a mother. There are many points in our lives where we feel alone, abandoned and heart broken. This quote often reminds me, I need to keep moving forward. Indeed, though broken, the heart lives on and a new future awaits.