Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Familiar

AmansCatti  loosely translated from Latin means Cat Lover. She admits not everyone understands or even believes in witchcraft.  In her experience however, even if we don’t fully understand something, we can benefit from it.  Her numerous cat-based tattoos are a tribute to her first pet, who acted as a “familiar”.
AmansCatti writes: 

I had my first cat at 6 years old and he was with me for 18 years. I have a portrait of this lovely Siamese on my arm as a memory of his eternal bond, and a "My First Love" dedication on my back.

He was much more than a pet. We really shared a spiritual bond.  

My family moved around a lot and my cat was the one constant in my life.  As an only child, my cat was like the brother I never had.  Playing dress up, I recall having a wedding gown and wanting to marry my cat.  

He was always with me… as I did mundane tasks like homework or as I suffered through various illnesses and chronic bronchitis.  When I got older he’d help guide my decisions. For instance he’d judge my boyfriends and I could tell by his reaction whom I could trust. 

For others to appreciate this special bond is perhaps challenging.   In Wiken terminology there is the term “A Familiar”.  It has been described as an animal spirit believed to serve a witch or magician, as a domestic servant, spy and companion ... in addition to helping to bewitch enemies or to divine information.   

 I can relate to this, not from a magical sense but from the perspective of a very special and intelligent companion.

There have been others since, but he was very special.  After almost 20 years, I can still feel him walk on me when I’m drifting off to sleep.
It might all sound like too much, but for me this is real. 

Who else has a shrine dedicated to a cat in their home?