Thursday, October 27, 2016

Family - Nature’s Masterpiece

At times we can feel alone, gloomy and filled with despair. It’s a natural cycle but when depression takes hold and you can’t shake it, external support can be helpful.
Nicole, reminds us that our extended family is a great place to start.
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Depression seems to run in the family.  My mom and nanny fought with it and I did too.  I’d struggled with it, off and on medication till I got one that worked. Without the support and help of family it would have been so much worse. Family is truly important.  
The quote "Family is one of nature’s masterpieces" was a tattoo gifted to me by my best friend in the entire world.  I chose this quote because I feel like it is very true. Everyone's family is different and every one of those families is beautiful.
When I say “family” it is not only blood relatives, but also people who love and support you no matter what.  I have always believed this and I feel like my best friend is apart of my family.

I grew up in the country near a small town where everyone knows everyone; in many ways were like one huge family.

With so many people supporting me, I feel thankful, but 3 women in particular were especially important and influential.  To keep them close to me I choose three butterflies and a quote to represent the three very important ladies in my life: my mom, nanny (grandmother) and stepmom.

My parents split when I was very young and many people helped raise me. My mom lived with nanny and one of her favorite things are butterflies. To me they
symbolize strength, grace, a free spirit and they are beautiful. All things I have acquired from these women; hence my choice of tattoo design.   Together the quote and butterflies remind me that with family, we can face any challenge and not feel alone.

I know some people alienate themselves from family but there are many types of family, so I encourage everyone to seek out, and if necessary – build a “family”. You’ll be stronger for it.