Monday, February 02, 2015


We all seek to grow as individuals.
"Ice" has been on a person quest of growth and his tattoos continue to document a personal journey. Like many stories the plot takes many twists and and the road is not always smooth. But progress has to start somewhere. With his confessions made public in the form of tattoos, Ice taken those first critical steps.  
He writes:
My tattoos represent a life filled with internal conflicts and inner voices. It’s my personal struggle between good and evil. The left-hand side represents my days with drugs, self-abuse and being in trouble with the law.    

My shoulder has a copy of the spinning map from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.   Like the map, I had no clear destination for my life, wanted no boundaries and did not wish to be limited in my goals.
In an effort to move forward I started listing my confessions on my back. These things are now literally behind me. I opted to put them in Hebrew, a part of my heritage.  By altering spellings and context it wold be hard for another person to fully decipher my past.  Adding Hebrew tattoos to my body is another dichotomy. It likely means I may never be buried in a Jewish Cemetery.  In so many ways I am working hard and making a break with my past.  
The center skull and wings are part of the past with major milestones, not necessarily good ones represented by the years 2006, 2007 … and a definite line a true break at 2010.
That was it. No more. I needed to change. 

While I wanted the right hand side to visually balance the left, I struggled to find enough positives to match the negatives. In the end my creative talents and desire to create may be my salvation. I started a company and wear the corporate logo on my other right shoulder. The logo like all my tattoos are my own design. It has a star of David, another religious influence, with “all seeing eye” at the center because I have to keep an eye open at all times if I am to be successful in my journey of transformation. There is also lunar magic and an ankh cross coming back to loop family and unity.

My right side is unfinished and has no colour (because this Good side is still new to me, a work in progress) in many ways I’m still a sinner and the transition may never be complete.  
Looking forward I hope to see a day when life is “normal” and I have a family and children.  Not sure when this will happen but I’m so convinced, my future daughter’s name is already tattooed on my arm, her name will be Winter. 
                                              - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
As a special postscript. He adds: Raven Richards at Bad Kitty Tattoo in Hull is the only person that I will ever trust to touch me with a needle again. So it may be my story in the ink, but that makes her my ghost writer.