Saturday, September 19, 2015

Miss Panda

Not all Tattoos have an equal level of significance.
Some for family, others friends, yet others for a special memory.  

Like many, Kelsey has a number of tattoos dedicated to her family. 

The three big stars are for her mom, dad and brother each of the others for uncles, aunts and other who passed away. 

Their prominent placement has her frequently explaining their significance. 
Less visible is a large Panda on her side. This is mostly seen at the beach when her mid-section is exposed. 

Why the amazing Panda?

...  when I worked with a carnival as a ride-tech they gave me the nickname "Panda". 

A co-worker said I look cute and cuddly like a Panda, but truth be told a Panda is a wild animal and can tear you limb from limb. 

I too have a tough side and when pushed too far will lash out.  That name kinda stuck. 

Me and a tattoo artist designed it together. She free handed it on my rib but each step was looked at by me first. 

Today it reminds me I'm a complex and interesting lady with many facets. 

One of these is also my love of music and the soothing effect it has on me.  

I have had counts of depression and found music could be more of a comfort to me than other people. Others can be self centered, sometimes even cruel and judgemental.  

The tattoos on my back signify my love of music and its deep importance to me and my soul.

Monday, September 07, 2015

First Breath

When I first ask about a tattoo – I often get a simple “Oh, that is for my daughter” or get some other quick reason. Only when I probe deeper do I find the real story that often inspires us; that more profound story we secretly wanna share with the world. That is what Tattoo Tales is all about.  

Tania shared…

My daughter is Elly and I have her little hand tattooed on my on my left shoulder. Like any mother I love her of course. So what prompted this tattoo ... I got it because my baby was not breathing when she was born.  

I was beside myself. They started to suction her lungs.  Nothing happened, they had to do twice and then her 1st sign of life was her hand moving. 

It was the longest 30 sec of my life; not knowing if my baby was going to start breathing.

Ever since then I have always loved her little hands. She is now 6 ½ and still measures her hand against my tattoo.